HDPE Ball Valve


Payal Irrigation is selling our all types of HDPE Ball Valves in Ahmedabad. We are also leading Best price of HDPE Ball Valve Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India. It is provide check the other companies valves and also check our one and definitely you will consider our firm for your future requirements of HDPE Ball Valves the customers who are purchase quantities of offered products can get the very well price benefits.

HDPE Ball Valves are available in a wide range of sizes to HDPE pressure pipe and wide variety range of materials including PE, PP, PVC, Brass, Steel and Stainless steel. It is being used in chemical industries for controlling the flow of liquefied and gaseous substance through the pipeline. HDPE Ball Valve are rotating the ball of quarter turn is 90 degrees around is axis.

The HDPE Ball Valves are commonly used for made of chrome plated steel, chrome plated brass stainless steel or PVC. The HDPE Flanged Ball Valve is the type that is most frequently used in chemical industries. It is valued for its great pressure resistance and durability. The HDPE Flanged Ball Valve is made in accordance with BS, ANSI, and DIN standards and is offered in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

High Density Polythene Valves are produced utilizing high and low density polythene of the highest quality, which makes them affordable, lightweight, and long-lasting. With its smooth spinning handle for open and close, our butt fusion HDPE ball valve delivers amazing results when installed on the end of HDPE pipe line. Additionally, these valves give our customers the ability to quickly and easily fix any problems with the line. These valves are ideal for switching corrosive liquids and a few gases since they are made with high-grade medical-grade raw materials like LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, and PPR.

HDPE Ball Valve is the portion of the valve that regulates the flow through it is known as a ball valve and has a spherical disc. The sphere features a hole, or port, across the center so that flow will happen when the port is lined up with both ends of the valve. The hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve when the valve is closed, preventing flow. You will be able to “see” the position of the valve since the handle or lever will be lined up with the port. The family of quarter turn valves includes the ball valve, butterfly valve, and plug valve.

Upvc Ball Valve

Krishna plastic Industries is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing UPVC ball valves for agricultural purposes. Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride ball valves resist corrosion in nature and are probably the best friend of farmers. This UPVC Ball valve is designed to alleviate the harmless problems faced by farmers and companies in the farm. The arrival of such an interesting ball valve has changed the game for the better. Today, small and large scale farmers with the help of these valves are able to deliver water and growth purchasing particles to the far corners of the farm. The UPVC ball valve is very interesting by controlling the flow of heavy liquid and heavy particles. Such control over the flow allows farmers to easily achieve the desired level of production. We offer these products in various specifications to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We are a separate partner shipping company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and have developed a comprehensive and well-functioning infrastructure unit that manufactures these products according to global package standards.

UPVC Ball Valve Features

  • Non-Toxic
  • Lead Free
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy Opening and Closing
  • Various fittings : Socket / Thread
  • Internal smooth inner wall, light weight (approximately eight metal tubes), easy to handle and carry, reducing pressure, loss and increasing flow speed.
  • Easy and Fast installation
  • Soft Colors and excellent design, suitable for installation or concealed

PP Flage

Manufacturer of a broad variety of products which comprise pp tail piece flangepp threaded flange and pp blind flange. It joints may usually be used for the detachable relating of plastic pipes as well as transitions from plastic fittings to devices like valves, pumps. We are profitably busy in manufacturing a broad range of PP Tail Piece FlangePP Threaded FlangePP Blind Flange. Our firm is Agriculture & Irrigation in manufacturing and supplying a broad variety of Plastic Flange. This range of products is existing in size range from 63 mm to 160 mm. Owing to their matchless features like longer examine existence, deterioration & scrape confrontation, squashed designs and low contention, these products are broadly valued by the consumers. Our variety is manufactured by using finest superiority raw material and superior technology.

A flange is a protrude crease, lip or rim, either peripheral or domestic, that serves to enhance strength, for simple connection/convey of contact power with another thing, or for stabilizing and guiding the actions of a device or its parts. PP Flange Guards are security spray shields manufactured from polypropylene. These flange guards are prepared with multi grip extensions & spacers to easily disperse high demands chemical spray outs. These PP Flange guards are used to protect the working team & equipments from mordant splashes of chemical & oil piping systems. The installation is very easy with modifiable latching slots. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic whose creation is satisfied among Prof Karl Ziegler of Max Planck Institute, Paul hogan & Robert Blanks of Phillips. Polymerising of propylene with catalysts like aluminum alkyl and titanium tetrachloride leads to the construction of Polypropylene. Polypropylene is low solidity thermoplastic and enjoys a high melting position of 160 degrees Celsius and beyond. It has working warmth of 125 degree Celsius. PP has a high confrontation to chemicals and soluble with an extremely little water combination price of .03 percent, which makes it vastly popular in acid and chemical industries. PP is supple and soft and will not break when subjected to ecological pressure furious.

Plastic Ball Valve

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a qualitative range of Plastic Ball Valves. These valves are extremely demanded as they are leak proof, robust, strong, and oxidization resistant. Manufactured from a high superiority raw material, these products offer longer examine life. They are designed as per the popular principles of global market. We offer these products in protected casing and at most low-cost prices. In our extensive series of products, we are also offering our clients a superlative position range of Plastic Ball Valve. These valves are accurately engineered below the supervision of qualified and skilled technocrats using finest grade material and contemporary moulding machines in observance to set industry norms. Further, it is strictly checked by our practiced excellence controllers assuring its faultless end standard and stability at the user’s end.

Plastic ball valves are commonly used plastic shut off valves. The valve contains a rotating ball with a bar in the middle. By rotating the ball a quarter-turn, the bore can be associated inline or vertical to the piping to open or block the medium’s flow.  Plastic Ball valves are robust, cost-effective, and used for a broad range of media, including water, air, caustic chemicals, acids, and bases. Compared to brass or SS ball valves, they have minor temperature and pressure conflict and lower mechanical strength. Plastic ball valves are normally utilized plastic blocked valves. Through pivoting the ball, a section turn, the yank is aligned or conflicting to the channeling and the stream is opened or delayed. They are available with different channeling links, for example, dissolvable attachments, individual spine types, or column strings. Krishna Plastic Industries are the top manufacturer and supplier of Plastic Ball Valve. We are situated in Ahmedabad from one of the most progressive states Gujarat, India.

Properties of Plastic Ball Valve:-

  • Lightweight, rock-hard, and long assistance life
  • Suitable for reusing and commonly low effect on environment in parallel with different plastics
  • Frequently utilized for disinfected applications, for example, drinking water. PVC is a considerable material used to store or shift food items.
  • It resists many chemicals, chiefly acid as well as bases
  • They have a high pressure ranking as of PN16

There are Five Kinds of Ball Valves, Full Port, Standard Port, V Port, Genuine Union, and Physically Operated. Plastic Ball Valves Available in Many types like PVC, CPVC, Bronze and Brass, Iron, and treated Steel. Benefits of Plastic Ball Valve:- Efficiency, Affordability, Durability, Easy to utilize, Versatile, and Strong


We are leading manufacturer and supplier of PVC NRV Valve in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our firm is considered as a real part of the solid undertakings offering fluctuated PVC Non Return Valve. The offered run is exactness built and tried on different boundaries so as to guarantee their solidness, smooth working, and leakage confirmation execution. Our whole scope of items is broadly valued by their noteworthy highlights like better execution, simple to-fit, and lightweight. Acknowledged for extraordinary quality, our scope of PVC NRV Valve is high after across around the world. This Valve is utilized as fitting in outlet line to prevent reverse of water. PVC NRV Valve is a mechanical gadget, a valve that regularly permits liquid (fluid/gas) to flow through it just a single way. Dependably utilized for gas and fluid applications in different ventures, these can be customized according to the particulars of our customers. These Valves are known for tough development, corrosion safe surface, and longer life expectancy. We are supply this best quality products at the lowest price in the market.

PVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valves are widely used plastic shut off valves. This valve contains a rotatable ball with a bore. PVC Ball Valve is also known as Poly vinyl Chloride Ball Valve. By rotating the ball a quarter turn, the bore is inline or perpendicular to the piping and the flow is opened or closed. Krishna Plastic Industries delivered premium quality PVC ball valve to valued clients since 1995. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of PVC Ball Valve as well as PP ball valve, PP flush valve, PP three way valves, fertilizer injector, PP solid ball valve, PP union valve, UPVC valve etc.

Compared to brass or stainless steel ball valves, PVC Ball Valve is rated for lower temperatures and pressures and has a lower mechanical strength. It is manufactured using high grade raw material, acquired from the most authentic vendor in the industry. The offered range of ball valve is widely appreciated by the users because of its high pressure functioning and easy operations.

A ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc, that can control the flow. The sphere has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will open. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends, and flow is blocked. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and this is the third most used synthetic polymer valves after PE and PP valves. In compare to other plastics, PVC production requires significantly less crude oil. Because of the simple production process and large amount availability of the raw materials, PVC is a cost-effective and relative sustainable material in comparison with other plastics. PVC ball valve has a strong resistance against sunlight, chemicals and oxidation from water.

PVC valves are used excessively in water management and irrigation. PVC Ball Valve is also suitable for corrosive media, like sea water. In addition to that, the material is resistant to most acids and bases, salt solutions and organic solvents. PVC Ball Valve is used in many applications such as Water features and fountains, Aquariums, Landfills, Swimming pools, Chemical processing, Food processing, etc. PVC Ball Valve is very easy to operate and it can be easily repairable. If needed you can clean easily and parts are replaceable. Payal valve is leading manufacturer, exporter and Supplier of many types of Industrial Valves. We supply our product in all India and also export in many other countries.

PVC Ball Valve

The PVC Ball Valves is generally utilized in arranging, PVC ball valves permit you to turn the progression of fluids on and off rapidly, while making a watertight seal. These specific valves function admirably for pools, research facilities, food and refreshment enterprises, water treatment, life science applications and compound applications. The PVC ball valve is among the most utilized valves. PVC is a solid plastic. The valve opens and stops with the utilization of a rotatable ball with a drag.

We are also manufacturing the different types of valves like Solenoid valves, ball valves, pneumatic chambers, hoses, fittings, and so forth. These specific valves function admirably for pools, research facilities, food and drink ventures, water treatment, life science applications and concoction applications. These valves have a great time inside that pivots on a 90-degree hub. An opening through the focal point of the ball permits water to stream uninhibitedly when the valve is on the “on” position, while halting stream totally when the valve is in the “off” position.

With the assistance of our acquiring specialists, we can offer a variety of PP Ball Valve. Additionally, our whole range is all around kept an eye on quality parameters to coordinate with the universal modern measures. These can be benefited by the customers in altered structure according to their necessities. Our offered items are rigidly checked by the quality controllers on changed parameters to guarantee its proper working. We present ourselves as rumored and believed association to offer a wide cluster of PVC Ball Valve.

Offered scope of item is produced from best quality info factors and embracing most recent techniques for manufacture. These items are fabricated under the management of capable and experienced experts. Offered scope of item is profoundly requested by the customers for its high quality and execution. We are giving these items at sensible market cost.

Union Ball Valve

We are offering a far reaching combination of Union Ball Valves. Sponsored by the group of specialists, these are designed by raw material and advance innovation. Clients can profit every one of these valves according to their predefined subtleties before the last dispatch. Our items are thoroughly investigated by a group of value analysts on fluctuated parameters to guarantee their faultlessness in planning and assembling.

The valve gives a basic speedy approach to turn a system on or off. The Union ball valves have twofold associations that take into service of the valve whether you are fixing the valve or supplanting the valve. The principle part of the valve or transporter is the place the handle and ball is found. With an expansion extent of innovation we are offering a far reaching collection of Union Ball Valves.

Sponsored by the group of specialists, these are structured utilizing high evaluation raw material and advance innovation. Our offered extend is created with high accuracy so as to fulfill the universal guidelines. The offered valve is broadly used to manage the progression of fluids and intended to guarantee great stream control capacity at high pressure. The Union Ball Valve is perfect for managing the progression of different liquids and gases faultlessly for various mechanical preparing applications.

These ball valves are planned utilizing reviewed PP materials. We do the trick the necessities of our wide and regarded customer base by offering this arrangement of ball valves in recognized sizes, shapes, measurements and association closes.

Plastic Ball Valve

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Plastic Ball Valves in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We give the quality affirmed scope of Ball Valve to our important customers inferable from its extraordinarily very much built structure. It is made utilizing superb evaluation raw material, procured from the most valid seller in the business. Our group of tenacious experts appropriately controls the assembling staff to guarantee quality-guaranteed yield. The offered scope of ball valve is generally valued by the clients inferable from its high weight working and simple activities. We have picked up acknowledgment as a prominent undertaking, devotedly occupied with offering a wide scope of PPR Ball Valve. The offered valve is broadly utilized in number of material, petrochemical, oil handling and numerous such businesses for controlling weight of liquid. Our offered valve is fabricated and structured utilizing premium quality material and propelled systems in adherence to set industry standards. Customers can benefit this valve from us at lowest cost. Offered items are stringently tried on different quality parameters and are confirmed according to the global guidelines of value. These items are impervious to erosion and guarantee long assistance life. These items are exceptionally valued and requested by our customers because of their high caliber and execution.

Three Way Ball Valve

Owing to our years of industry experience and accurate acquaintance of this domain, we are offering an outstanding assortment of Three Way Ball Valve to our esteem customers. These manufactured and offered Three Way Ball Valves are compact and accessible with diverse pipe ends like screwed, socket weld or butt weld. It is developed from the best accessible technology and uses bottom entry stem. Besides, we are engaged in manufacturing the valves as per the necessity of the clients and we even customize in miscellaneous specifications provided by clients. Our flourished customers can avail the offered range from us at the most affordable price.

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